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checkrp exported

Function checkrp which does consistency checks and possibly recycles the reference to fit to the predictions is now exported. This saves time if multiple performance measures are to be calculated on the same predictions.

> sens (r = ref, p = pred)
       A    B  C
[1,] 0.6 0.32 NA
In checkrp(r, p) : colnames of r (ABC) and p  (abc) do not match.

sens automatically calls checkrp as you can see by the warning it throws.

To disable this, execute checkrp beforehand and tell sens that this was done already:

> ref <- checkrp (r = ref, p = pred)
In checkrp(r = ref, p = pred) :
  colnames of r (ABC) and p  (abc) do not match.
> sens (r = ref, p = pred, .checked = TRUE)
       A    B  C
[1,] 0.6 0.32 NA
Published: 2013-03-17 news